We are an association devoted to discussion of mobile technologies and related topics. We organize conferences, workshops and monthly meetings where members present their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

Workshop: Introduction to Reactive Programming with Interstellar 2

This is the first workshop organized by the Swiss Mobile Developers Association and will take place in Zürich on September 30 from 8:30 to 17:00.


This workshop will discuss what Reactive Programming means, why it doesn’t have to be functional and why everyone is so excited about the ideas behind it. We will implement our own Observable together, see how observables can drive a UITableView and how networking code can be massively simplified using promises. The workshop finishes with a short tour about more advanced usages of observables like replacing storyboard navigation and advanced user flows.


Workshop held by: Jens Ravens

Jens Ravens

Jens is a Berlin-based iOS and Ruby on Rails developer working for nerdgeschoss. He is also organizing the monthly meetup and is obsessed with application architecture and maintainable code bases in Swift and Ruby on Rails.


Vier Tiere
Feldstrasse 61
8004 Zürich

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