We are an association devoted to discussion of mobile technologies and related topics. We organize conferences, workshops and monthly meetings where members present their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

The SMDA opens a membership program

After a little bit more of a year of activity, the Swiss Mobile Developers Association has decided to open to all interested people and companies offering a membership program.

What is a membership?
The membership program was born to give to the association the financial possibility to organize monthly events across the Switzerland, this means Zürich and nearest areas, Romandie and Ticino. We want to be active in the whole Switzerland, not just in a single region.

How much is it?
The cost is of 20.- CHF for an individual subscription, students included and of 200.- CHF for a company. Subscriptions are yearly.

Why do this?
The subscription gives the access to a 20% discount on all events organized by the association requiring a payment to access. The goal is to offer, where possible, free events, but some of them just can’t be free due to the high organizational costs. For individuals the discount right is for a single person, for a company is up to 10 people.

Please be aware that App Builders Switzerland 2016 can’t be part of this discount, yet.

Other than a discount?
As an association active in the mobile industry, we plan to create a big community of developers and companies active in the mobile development (design included!) industry. For this reason in the future we plan to have a dedicated effective job board where people and companies can offer services, but also to search for specific profiles. This is going to be completely free for all the members, at absolutely no extra costs.

If this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to register now!

If your company is interested in having more exposure during all the monthly events, we are working on sponsorship packages. If you are interested, please contact us!