We are an association devoted to discussion of mobile technologies and related topics. We organize conferences, workshops and monthly meetings where members present their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

Welcome to the SMDA

Welcome to the Swiss Mobile Developers Association!

We are a group of developers, designers, product managers and professionals related and committed to the mobile industry, that love to organize conferences, meetings and events about the mobile space.

The Swiss Mobile Developers Association was born in August 2014, by a group of people interested in creating an entity to help the mobile developers and professionals in learn about the new standards, but also to give them an opportunity to share what their knowledge with others.

The association started to organize monthly events in Zürich, collaborating with App Builders Zürich, reaching more than 200 people and creating a community with regular meetings. We started chatting in front of some beers, now we have an association devoted to spreading the knowledge about the mobile industry.

With this entity we aim to create great events, but also to connect companies active in the industry to developers and the last ones with each others, creating a network of inestimable value.

In 2015, after an amazing year of regular events, we decided to create a conference that is going to be a yearly event in Switzerland, called App Builders Switzerland. This conference will take place for the very first time in Zürich, at the end of April 2016.

Since December 2015, the association is looking for new members to support the regular events, workshops and meetups.